Friday, June 8, 2012

Beach field trip

For the end of school year field trip, Anthony and his class went to the beach at low tide. They also got to go to the NOAA Mukilteo research facility, which used to be a bunch of Air Force offices. While there, they learned about the different types of salmon, some of the parasites that like to feed on salmon, the importance of not pouring pollution and garbage down the drain, water safety, and the equipment they use to sample for things like plankton (which are just as important as other creatures in the sea, as they are a huge food source). I volunteered for the field trip several months ago, because I was really excited about going to the beach at low tide to see all of the neat sea creatures! NOAA Mukilteo Baby salmon Salmon at NOAA Mukilteo research station Arts and crafts Water safety More on water safety Looking in the microscope Baby sea creatures Abalone Sea creatures Low tide Crabby Kelp Crab Crab Some kind of sea creature Sea stars under the ferry dock Sea stars - pink and ochre Pink sea star Pier

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