Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday night silly fun

I went shopping today and picked up the latest Disney/Pixar movie, Ratatouille.

Anthony isn't really interested in it, yet. He likes it for a brief fifteen or twenty minutes, and then his toddler attention span gets the best of him. He did, however, want to play with some markers and my camera.

Here's the evidence.

And here he is just being a ham.

He ultimately decided to chill out with Daddy for a while.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Anthony is sick

Anthony has something called "hand and mouth" virus. It's basically a bad cold.

We've all come down with the bug, for the most part, and we're cranky.

Until we're better and until I find the camera, no new pictures.

Halloween photos

Anthony went trick-or-treating with Larry tonight, while I was out on the town with a friend of mine.

I had to convince Anthony to wear the outfit to school. Once convinced, however, he didn't want to take the duck costume off.

Ready for school:

And here he is, totally ridiculously high on sugar...