Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blue Angels in August

SeaFair is always fun for us. A few years back, I got to go out on a friend's friend's (a friend of a friend) boat. Last year, we went and met the Blue Angels down at the Museum of Flight and the weather was awful. This year, one of my old friends was in town and we met up at a mutual friend's house. That friend's house was ground zero for Blue Angels viewing!

So, we met at the house, at the top of hill in a neighborhood called Madrona. We walked roughly 300 feet in elevation down the hill (not too bad going down) to the lake. Then we watched the planes do their airshow. It took about 45 minutes, and then we braved the crowds and walked back up the hill. I don't recommend the walk back. We were achy and hot and miserable when it was done. But, overall, the experience was fun!

The view from near the top of the hill.

Same as above.

One of the sets of steps we climbed down and up.

One the water.


Blue Angel!

Air show!

Anthony's view.

More Blue Angels.

More Blue Angels.

More Blue Angels.

Lone plane.

The finale!

They were so close and loud!


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