Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun week

For those of a slightly older generation, or for those who aren't into social media, I decided to take a week off from my usual social networking haunts. In my case, it's Facebook and twitter. I felt I wasn't spending enough time on the things that matter.

(Editor's note: As some of my friends have pointed out via email, these web posts still go to Facebook.)

This has given me plenty of time to focus on a handful of things: Cooking, setting up a professional photography site (though I'm still working on that), reading books and magazines, and hanging out with Anthony!

So far, we haven't done a whole lot, but we are experimenting with some super low-fi technology. What's that you ask? Polaroid!

Yup. I picked up a Polaroid Colorpack II camera from the thrift store a few months ago. The camera itself was only about $3, but the film...let's just say it's not as cheap as digital. It serves as great fun and a teaching tool for Anthony. Sure, he doesn't need to know how light and film processing work, but I do want him to know how old cameras worked before there was digital, especially since most film manufacturers seem to be cutting back on stock. A lot of previously beloved films, including Kodachrome, are becoming memories.

Anyway, the film ain't cheap, but it's still cheaper than going to the movies, and if we only use it every now and then, it's worth it for the memories.

Fun times!

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