Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter eggs!

Before I talk about our lives, I just want to say we hope you're all safe and sound. Our families didn't sustain any damage or injuries from the horrible storm that hit the Saint Louis area last night, but we're thinking about some of our friends or their families who weren't so lucky. We wish you all a quick cleanup and recovery!

As for us...

Anthony and I decided that we were going to dye some easter eggs this year. It was Anthony's first time doing it, and the first time I ever remember doing it. It wasn't super messy, as we took precautions and did it all in the kitchen. It was a lot of fun, though!

Waiting to start.

Still waiting, Mom.

Eight hard-boiled eggs. Cooled.

Dye tablet in cups/bowls.

Little egg dipper thingies.

Dye plus vinegar.

Lots of colors!

Add some glitter...

And more glitter...

And MORE glitter...

Designs for inspiration.

Drop 'em in!



Dyeing the eggs.


Move them around a little bit.

Stir some more.

And more...

You get the idea.

Finished product!

Aren't these great? Anthony designed a lot of them.



That yellow one has an easter bunny on it, but it's hard to tell.


Happy Easter, everyone!

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