Sunday, October 17, 2010

Artist Point

In hindsight, Grandma Julie and Grandpa George, this is what we should have done while you guys were here!  It's a pretty long drive to get there and we didn't know the road would still be open.  We checked the DOT website to make sure the road would still be open and we decided to make a trip of it.  We're really glad we did!

Here's me being silly on the trip.

The trees are huge!

Beautiful waterfall!

Columnar jointing!  Fun for geologists!  :)

You can start to see why they call it "Artist Point".  Spectacular views in all directions.  The photo below is Mt. Shuksan, which is to the north.

Spectacular fall color.

More spectacular views...

Mt. Baker...shrouded by clouds and the sun was overhead, so it wasn't an easy photo.

More rocks!

Lenticular clouds!

Here's a panorama of the view to the south (that volcano is Mt. Baker).  Click on the photo to see a large version.

We had fun.  The trip was wonderful.

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