Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Sorry it's been a couple of months. We've been sort of busy.

Larry's been busy with work rehabbing the old train tunnels east of Snoqualmie Pass along with some vibration monitoring work. He's also been shooting and had his big, big USPSA match down in Oregon!

I went to SeaFair with some good friends of mine, Michelle and Stephen. I climbed a mountain with my good friend, Andrew. I also flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a job interview and to visit another good friend named Andrew (we went to Rolla together and drove out to field camp in Utah and back). I also took a part-time job, locally, as a geophysicist.

Anthony has been doing really great. He's had a fun summer hanging out with people, especially his good friend Declan, and doggies! He met a cute little dog named Bolero down in Gig Harbor.

Unfortunately, this weekend, Anthony came down with the first big cold of the season. I blame all of the kids who went to exotic places all arriving back on the first real week of school. Anthony's been sick for a couple of days and went to see the doctor today. As a treat for him and to get him some healthy sunshine, I took him to the beach today. He had fun watching the ferry boats arrive and depart but was pretty emotional when I said we needed to go home. Pretty typical for our favorite three-year old.

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