Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exciting afternoon!

Anthony and I ran to the grocery store in the afternoon and on our way home realized that one of our neighbor's houses was on fire! We came in the back way through the neighborhood and discovered there was no way I could drive through to get to our part of the neighborhood. So, we drove around, tried the other entrance and couldn't get in that way either. There were FOUR fire trucks! We found a side street, parked the car, dragged our two bags of groceries into the house and then...went back to see what was going on!

When we got there, the firefighters were just about finished putting the fire out, thank goodness. No one was inside when the fire started, so no one was hurt.

Though it was a sad day for the homeowners, we did get to meet a bunch of really nice firemen and women and chatted with our neighbors. One of the firemen even let Anthony hop into the fire truck and check things out!

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